Thai Food and Cocktails

If you've never been to Glai Baan in Phoenix, you're missing out. This tiny restaurant packs a big punch when it comes to flavor! Located just off of 24th St on Osborn, it's perfectly suited for a centrally located drink after work or a for a more leisurely meal.

Let's talk about a couple of my favorites on the menu. You can never go wrong with Padthai. This classic dish always hits the mark and the kitchen at Glai Baan is the most authentic I've had. Another favorite is the Kao pad pu (crab fried rice). These two dishes are typically what my squad orders to share. Just like with any Thai restaurant, you can tailor the amount of spice used. I like mid-level heat.

What about the drinks? As a scotch, bourbon, whiskey kind of gal, there aren't too many to choose from that suit my tastes. I did fall in love with one called Pumpkin Pai. It has roasted corn whiskey, pumpkin butter, kua curry, lemon, galangal, and it's garnished with mint and candied pumpkin seeds. They have many other tasty cocktail choices, this one just happened to be my favorite. It could be seasonal.

If it's appetizers that you're craving, you can't go wrong with the steamed pork dumplings.They're a crowd favorite at Glai Baan. The chicken wings are the perfect combination of both crispy and tender. Want to try something new? Try the fried tempura mushrooms with fish sauce, cilantro, and onion. You won't regret it.

Here are some things you'll need to know before you go:

  • Parking is somewhat limited. It's a small lot. I recommend using a rideshare service or carpooling with your group.

  • Reservations can be made for parties of 5 or more.

  • There are space heaters on the patio in the winter.

  • The wait can be LONG, but it's so worth it! Check it out on Yelp if you don't believe me.

You'll find Glai Baan on the southside of Osborn Road, just a smidge west of the 24th Street intersection.

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