Salty Dog Cocktail Recipe

This might be the world’s easiest cocktail recipe. It’s not a margarita, but it sure does remind me of one! It’s called a Salty Dog and it’s already one of 2016’s trendiest drinks. That’s not a scientific statement or really based on any fact… but all of my friends seem to be drinking them as it warms up here in Phoenix.

How do you make one? It’s easy! It has 4 ingredients.

Crushed ice.

Sea Salt.


Grapefruit juice.

In this version, I used Cascade Ice Pink Grapefruit because it has ZERO calories. That makes this a *skinny* drink!

Normally, you’d shake your juice and vodka in a shaker… but Cascade Ice is a sparkling flavored water… so shake gently!

Salty Dog

*much love*


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