Party Planning: An Introduction

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

It’s January, you say? That must mean it’s “invite friends over to watch sportsball, eat too much and drink too much” season!

Relax–it’s not as if your guests expect a Snackadium come February 7th. I mean, my sportsball party could never be complete without one, but I won’t judge you if you don’t go through that trouble. (I’m kidding.)

This is the first of a series of party planning posts intended to make your next college football championship party, Super Bowl party, March Madness party, or even a 2016 Masters viewing party your best one yet!

Super Bowl Party Planning!

This new Solo cup is the best thing to happen to parties since the first Solo cup.

Have you heard of the latest in disposable beer cup technology at your local supermarket? These It’s My Solo Cups solve the problem of not being able to find your drink two seconds after you set it down! They are “Peel & Scratch”, so no writing utensils necessary! You could also use this product for beer (or wine, cider…) tastings. Number all the cups so your guests know in which order to test them, and everyone can follow along on their notes sheet. These cups can be hard to find, but Phoenix sources suggest first checking at Fry’s Food Stores.

Super Bowl Party Planning!

The Most Expensive Mouthwash You’ll Ever Make the Mistake of Swallowing on Purpose.

People casually refer to this year’s Super Bowl as taking place in “the Bay area” or San Francisco (it’s in Santa Clara–close enough), which is as true as last year’s casual references to the Super Bowl being held in Phoenix (it was Glendale). Since the broadcast networks, and fan friendly events, will be based in the actual city of San Francisco, serve shots of Fernet at your Super Bowl party. Yes, even you can impress your friends with being “in the know” by serving them this revolting abomination tasting of bitter, black licorice flavored Listerine*. If they aren’t hip enough to enjoy Fernet, explain to them that San Francisco bars would never steer us wrong, that it is very cosmopolitan and they should be, too.

As a matter of fact, just serve cosmopolitans. That sounds way better.

Super Bowl Party Planning!

Not your mother’s bloody Mary. It shouldn’t be anyone’s bloody Mary. Your doctor is angry that you’re even looking at this.

Speaking of San Francisco, what about offering a bloody Mary bar? Everyone in the 415 knows Sunday is Brunch Day, and nothing says “I hope brunch cures my hangover from last night so I wake up on time for work Monday” like a high sodium concoction of vodka and poor decision making. In all seriousness, a bloody Mary bar is a great idea**. Lay out your assembly line thusly: 1. Disposable cups (see above) 2. Ice 3. Bloody Mary mix 4. Vodka 5. Hot pepper sauce (Tabasco or Cholula can be procured from the tables of popular breakfast diners) 6. Skewers of bacon wrapped tater tots 7. Skewers + set of tongs + stirring spoon 8. Bowls or mason jars filled with: lemon wedges; lime wedges; celery sticks (best with the leafy tops left on!); green or black olives, whole; peppercinis, whole (optional); fried chicken, whole (optional).

Super Bowl Party Planning!

This Arizona Cardinals fan sure hopes for fewer Seattle-centric Bingo squares.

Death, taxes, and being forced to put up with a non-football fan at your Super Bowl party: these are the only things guaranteed in life. Whether your disinterested guest is a 30 year old girlfriend or a 3rd grader, perhaps a lively game of Super Bowl Bingo will help keep them engaged and feeling relevant! As soon as the two teams are announced (soon!) you could Google “super bowl 2016 bingo” and some cleverly updated printables should return in your search results. And if there are 3rd graders around, let’s hope “marijuana” won’t be a center square this year.

In any case, we hope you enjoy our next few posts with party prep tips and we sincerely hope your team wins. Unless your team is Seattle. Amen.

*That was insulting to the comparatively wonderful taste of Listerine. I take it back, Listerine. **Also in all seriousness, Google image searching “bloody mary” is a terrible idea.

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