How To Make Infused Vodka

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

With National Vodka Day right around the corner (October 4th , 2019) – we thought it would be worthwhile to share the basic steps on how to make infused vodka. Infusing flavor into vodka is a pretty simple process, but you will need some quality supplies and a little patience. With the right mix of each, you’ll be celebrating National Vodka Day in style!

Infused Vodka Recipe

Supplies Needed:

  1. Mason Jar (or any sealable container)

  2. Cheesecloth (or a very fine mesh strainer)

  3. Your favorite candy (typically, hard candy works best)

  4. Vodka (mid-range)


  1. Put your candy in a sealable container, such as a mason jar.

  2. Pour your vodka over the candy, filling it to about ¾ full.

  3. Seal the container and let it sit for at least 24 hours, sometimes longer, depending on how quickly your candy dissolves.

Tips for Success:

  1. Candies with a sugar coating, like gumdrops, will make your infused vodka super sweet. If that’s not what you’re going for, we recommend staying away from sugar coated candies for your vodka infusion. 

  2. Don’t mix colors. Unless you have a grip on the color wheel- you’re likely to end up with a muddy brown mess. 

  3. Glass containers work best for infused vodka. Mason jars, sealable glass water bottles, or even iced tea dispensers are perfect for vodka infusion. We’ve seen these types glass containers available in the Dollar Spot at Target, pretty much year-round. 

  4. Don’t skip filtering your infused vodka. Many candies will leave behind a goopy substance. Use cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer to filter out any goo or candy chunks left behind. This will ensure a smoother drink. 

  5. Go with a mid-priced bottle of vodka. While you might be tempted to go top-shelf, but if this is your first vodka infusion experience, choose a vodka that you won’t break the bank. We do however, recommend that you not use the cheap stuff. Using cheap vodka will only result in a headache. Literally. 

  6. Once the infusion process is complete, be sure to chill your vodka. The freezer is fine, as alcohol won’t freeze. Cold vodka is delicious vodka!

This post isn’t sponsored, but the good people at wrote to us and shared their roundup of candy infused vodka recipes for National Vodka Day. They’ve put together a tasty collection of 11 candy infused vodka recipes. Be sure to check it out!

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