Grapes and Caicos: A tropical cocktail recipe

This week, the whole family will be in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean! I visited the amazing Beaches resort last year, but I was on my own with some other bloggers. One of the supremely talented bartenders showed our group how to mix a few drinks! I’m going to share this tropical cocktail recipe with you. Grapes and Caicos! It reminds me of one I recently got hooked on… at of all places… Applebees. Their version is called Bourbon and Berries. Anyway…

cocktail recipe

Grapes and Caicos

(there isn’t actually anything grape-like in the recipe)

Add the following items into a cocktail shaker + shake well:

  1. Blackberry Brandy

  2. Lemon-Lime Soda

  3. A Squeeze of Fresh Lime

  4. Ice

After a good shake… top off with another dash of soda + garnish with a blackberry and lemon zest!

I’m sure I’ll have more delicious recipes to share after we return from this trip! Follow along by searching #beachesmoms on Instagram and/or Twitter!

Kelly Loubet can be found on Twitter @kellyloubet and Instagram @kellyloubet.

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