Counoise? Don’t Mind if We Do!

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Counoise? Don't Mind if We Do!

We here at CS&B are members of the Page Springs Cellars wine club, and we were intrigued when we saw our wine club selection for 4th quarter. We had never heard of Counoise before and were excited to try it—and it’s a Members Only selection right now, so you’ll have to join their wine club if you want to a taste! Page Springs Cellars Inner Circle club members are lucky enough to receive it as part of their Q1 wine shipment this year, too.

Counoise? Don't Mind if We Do!

Counoise (pronounced “coon-wahz”) is sometimes spelled “connoise”, and is rarely bottled on its own but usually as part of a blend. It is bold, smells earthy with plum notes, tastes of plum and pepper and has high acidity—overall, a great choice for those of us who prefer robust Napa Valley cabs. It is beautifully garnet in color and pairs well with a big steak, or the fireplace and a wedge of Manchego cheese! Page Springs Cellars has bottled it without blending for years—no other winery in Arizona bottles it alone, which is too bad! In fact, few wineries worldwide bottle it without it being part of a blend. Counoise vines have a low yield, which explains the tendency to blend it with other varietals. Counoise is also used to make rosé.

This bottle sells for $34 at Page Springs Cellars (wine club members only), which is a pretty easy price point to feel as if we’re indulging!

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